AGM Minutes

Minutes of the AGM of the Friends of Our Church Hinton St George Building Trust

Meeting held 21st January 2021 via Zoom

Present:  Robert Alfred, David Clements, Jane Jackson, Sue Kirby, Tim Spilsbury, Liz Tyler

 Apologies had been received from: Andrew Norton, Bob & Linda Hammond, Ann Price, David and Linda Colwill, Nigel Hayler Derek Esp.   In Andrew’s absence, Jane chaired the meeting.     
2.Minutes of AGM held 24th January 2020 
 The Minutes of the AGM held on the 25th January 2020 had been previously circulated.   Matters Arising:   Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles – due to COVID-19, the factory was not taking any trade orders.  However, they hoped to have a new machine up and running in March when they would then be able to take orders.   Abseiling – again due to COVID-19 this fundraiser was on hold.  David Clements said that he hoped to use this as a fundraiser for the school in their fundraiser efforts.    CCLA Property investments – this was under consideration.   Linda Colwill’s suggestion for a section of the churchyard to be left to nature – Andrew had contacted Revs. Bob and Julia who had replied:   “This is something that we tried out in Merriott this year and in Lopen for the last two years, with great success.  It would be my delight to experiment in HSG churchyard also in 2021.  The matter will be added to the PCC January meeting.”   Whilst how this would be managed was discussed, Jane commented that she did not feel it would be the responsibility of the Building Trust.   The Minutes were approved; proposed by Liz Tyler and seconded by Tim Spilsbury.             
3.Trustees Report 
 Despite the restrictions on everyone and everything this past year and that we have been unable to arrange any fundraising events, we have finished the year in a much better financial position than we thought possible.  A huge thank you to all our donors and subscribers.     The Financial Statement as at 31st December 2020 is as follows:   1. Balances brought forward: Bank Current Account As at 31/12/2019 £     5,174.36 As at 31/12/2020 £   8,547.92 2. Balances at year end : Bank Current Account CCLA Valuation TOTAL FUNDS 31/12/2019 £     5,174.36 £   74,398.92 £   79,573.28 31/12/2020 £   8,547.92 £ 82,774.87 £ 91,322.79 3. Breakdown of Income: Donations Subscriptions Events/Fundraising Gift Aid TOTAL FOR YEAR   £        270.00 £     1,865.00 £        713.00 £        712.00 £     3,560.00   £      623.40 £   1,969.00 £        77.40 £      703.76 £  3,373.56 4. Expenditure: Cards & Web hosting Investment in CCLA PCC TOTAL FOR YEAR £        81.48 __________ £         81.48 NIL   There had been few opportunities for fundraising in 2020 but huge thanks were expressed to Zsofi Hynd who donated £373.40 from her charity coffee morning.  Additional funds were made selling mugs, CDs and DVDs.   Jane confirmed that there were no outstanding requests from the PCC for funding.   
4.Report on Church building improvements 
 No works had been carried out in 2020.   David Clements said that they had received the architect’s report following the Quinquennial Inspection.  A schedule of works had been drawn up and once approved by Ian Reynolds and Nigel Hayler they would go out to tender.  It was thought that around £10,000 would be needed to address the issues raised in the Inspection.   Liz Tyler commented that from a courtesy point of view, she felt the Trustees should have been sent a copy of the Inspection.  David agreed to send to Jane who would distribute to the Trustees.                  David/Jane
4.Future Events 
 It was very much hoped that a Blade Sharpening event could take place this year, given that it had to be cancelled in 2020 as it was a major fundraiser.  A date had been set – 27th March and full details would be sent out nearer the time once restrictions at that time were known.     

Jane Jackson