In accordance with clause 17 of the Constitution of ‘Our Church Hinton St. George Building Trust’ the Trustees as at the date of this document have agreed to establish an Associate non – voting membership with rights and obligations as detailed herein. The Associate membership shall be known as ‘Friends of Our Church Hinton’.

  1. Purpose of the Building Trust:
    1. ‘For the benefit of the public to maintain, repair, restore, preserve, improve and enhance the fabric of the church of St. George located in the village of Hinton St. George in the county of Somerset, its monuments, fixtures, fittings, furniture, stained glass, ornaments and other chattels and its churchyard.’
  2. Conditions and benefits of Friends Membership:
    1. Anyone may become a ‘Friend’ provided a minimum annual subscription or donation of twenty four pounds is paid.
    1. The subscription may be paid by yearly or monthly bank standing order.
    1. The financial year will be from the first of January until the thirty first day of December in the year that such subscription is first made. Any subscription or donation made between these dates will entitle the donor to membership provided it is for the minimum amount or if paid by instalments is in total the minimum amount. A renewal subscription will become payable on the anniversary of the date of the first subscription or donation.
    1. Non – voting members (Friends) do not qualify as members for any purpose under the Charities Acts, General Regulations or Dissolution Regulations.
    1. The Charity Trustees may determine from time to time the rights and obligations of the ‘Friends of Our Church Hinton’.
    1. Friends will be informed of events and progress of the Trust from time to time either by email, hard copy if no email address or through the website and public notice boards
  3. An Annual General Meeting of Friends will be held in January each year.
  4. Events and ‘Friends’ participation:
    1. Each Friend is encouraged to encourage anyone new to the village and /or anyone not a member to become a member.
    1. Friends are encouraged to suggest and if possible to assist in the organisation of fund raising events.
  5. Contacts:
    1. Friends are encouraged to use email to contact the Trustees using the following email address:
      Trustees: Andrew Norton (01460 271235) Hinton Park; Liz Tyler (01460 72931) High Street;  Jane Jackson (01460 74162) West Street; Chris Smith, Lopen Road; Kathy Bacchus, High Street; Tony Askew, Merriott Road; Christopher Samler, Church Street.
  • Dated : 21st. November 2016
    amended: 01 November 2023
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